Hi everyone it's Susan with StrokeClass.com, I've been working in Stroke rehab for almost 30 years.

One of the really common things I see with people struggling in their Recovery or attempting to recover from Stroke is depression. It can be a really common side effect of Stroke.

You've had a major, devastating, life changing event happen - it's normal to feel some depression. So don't feel that you're the only one suffering with this.

Depression can definitely go along with any kind of catastrophic illness, definitely with Stroke. So know that this can be something that normally happens with a Stroke.

What can you do to help yourself around this?

First of all, surround yourself with positive people. Try to have people in your life who are supporting your journey. Try to find a peer support group, someone who may be traveling the same road as you.

Trying to add some positive things that you can do into your life, whether it's doing an exercise video, whether it's going for a walk with a friend, getting someone to take you out in a wheelchair for a walk, taking part in family events, taking part in social events.

Anything that you enjoy is going to help bring you through this dark period. So it is a normal part of Stroke recovery. Try not to let it weigh you down too much. Try to be an active participant and try to get through that part of it.

If you're continuing to struggle with this part of your Recovery, make sure you seek some help. Talk to your family doctor, talk to a counselor, but don't struggle through this alone.

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